Do Gamers Need Faster Internet Speeds?

6 November 2015
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Online gaming has delivered a unique way to play games not only with friends but with people from across the world. Forge new alliances, grow lasting friendships and see the perspectives of people you'd otherwise never have a conversation with across games that span multiple countries and languages. As you become part of these high-detail communities, the need for a decent Internet connection becomes more apparent. If you don't know what kind of connection you need for quality gaming, take a look at what could go wrong to keep your connection in the right. Read More 

How Data Centres Can Save You Money

5 November 2015
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Some businesses wonder whether it's better to protect your own data in an in-house data facility or to outsource these tasks to a dedicated data center. There are many reasons why data centers can actually save you money over a home solution. Here are some of the most important and money-saving features of data centers.  Protect Your Uptime One of the main benefits of using a data center is that the facility is committed to maintaining uptime. Read More