Intermittent Internet Problems? Why You Should Not Avoid Contacting Your Internet Service Provider

29 July 2016
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When you have internet service, and it is supposed to be one of the best and fastest services available, you expect that your access to the internet be consistent and reliable. When your service has intermittent connectivity issues, you may be hesitant to contact your internet service provider because you expect that your internet service will have some problems. Here are some very valid reasons why you should not avoid contacting your internet provider when you experience these issues.

Equipment Malfunction

The intermittent signals and connections you are experiencing may not be "normal" for internet service at all. In fact, there could be some serious equipment malfunctions which are contributing to the reception of service. By contacting your provider, you can locate the source of the problem (e.g., there is a short in the cord that powers your modem, your modem is completely defective, there is another issue with the supply line for your service, etc.). That said, the service provider's telephone agent can help you uncover the issue and offer you a viable solution to the problem within just a few minutes.

Downed Lines or Issues with a Control Box

Sometimes when a maintenance technician is sent from the company to alter the wires and connections in the big neighborhood control box, he or she bumps a cable or wire and suddenly your service is a mess. Downed power lines draped over the control box can also create a lot of problems. By contacting your provider, you can find out if there are some major technical issues in the neighborhood and what, exactly, the company is attempting to do to rectify the situation.

You Are Paying for a Service That Does Not Work and the Company Does Not Know It

Lastly, you are paying for a service that the internet provider thinks or believes is running smoothly. They do not know that your service is having some major issues. Meanwhile, you are paying for a service that should be functioning better and you are probably getting more and more frustrated with the unreliability of your service. Unless you actually reach out to the company to let them know that you are discontent with your service and why, you are not giving your provider a fair shake and a chance to fix the problems you are having. You may even be able to talk your service representative into giving you a discount on your service for the duration of the month in which it was not functioning properly, or get a reduction in cost on your service for the following month. 

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