3 Things To Understand About Fiber Optic Internet

14 December 2018
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Fiber optic internet has gained popularity in recent years, but for most individuals, it is still a new concept. Fiber optic internet describes the way that the internet is delivered to your home or business. Here are a few facts that will help you understand what fiber optic internet is, how it works, and why you should consider it.

#1 Fiber Optic Internet Is Delivered Through Optic Cables

When you get cable internet, your internet signal is delivered through your cable line. When you get dial-up internet, your internet is delivered through your phone line. Satellite internet is delivered over a connection to a satellite on your home.

Fiber optic internet is delivered through a bundle of fiber optic cables. The name "fiber optic" directly refers to the method through which the internet signal is delivered to your home. In order to get fiber optic internet, there have to be fiber optic cables buried near your home.

#2 Fiber Optic Internet Allows for the Fast Delivery

One of the reasons fiber optic internet is so popular and talked about is because of how fast it is. Fiber optic cables are made out of either glass or plastic strands.

These strands are made to deliver light, which is able to bend and reflect along the curve of the optical cable. The light that is sent through the fiber optic codes delivers information in binary code that is then decoded when it gets to you.

The use of light and fiber optic cables ensures that information gets to you at a very fast rate. Fiber optic cables are able to hold more data than copper cables, which is what many cable and DSL servers use to transmit data. Copper cables were originally installed for the purpose of phone calls and were not designed for the large amounts of data that are not transmitted via the phone lines.

Fiber optic cables allow you to not just receive data at a faster rate, but also to send data at a faster rate. That is great for businesses that upload a lot of information or for individuals who work out of their home and send large files, such as video files, frequently. Fiber optic internet has much faster upload speeds than other internet options.

#3 Fiber Optics Internet Is Built for the Future

Fiber optics internet is built for the future. It is built and able to handle more data than one person could possibly send at a time right now. It is designed not just to accommodate current internet needs, but to handle the anticipated future internet needs of an increasingly digital world. Fiber optic internet is also great for businesses that send a lot of data and information and can meet those high demands without slowing down the internet at your workplace.

If fast and consistent speeds are important to you, and you have a fiber optic internet package available to you, consider trying it out. Contact a fiber internet provider for more help.