The Internet For Luddites: How The World Wide Web Can Enhance Your Loved One's Life

18 May 2019
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The world wide web has become a mainstay of daily life in the last decade, but some people resist it for multiple reasons. They may feel that it takes up too much time or, if they're older, they may simply feel that it's too much effort to learn. If you know someone who hesitates to use the internet you might be longing to convince them of its benefits. Here are four benefits you can use to convince your luddite loved one to use the internet:

1. Keep in touch with friends and family.

As the years go by, many people decide to move for a plethora of different reasons. Some people move for jobs or to be closer to family; some people simply move for a change of scenery. As friends and family become spread out across the globe it can get harder and harder to keep in touch. Your loved one could pick up the phone to give them a call but this can be unwieldy when they're trying to keep up with several people in different time zones.

Social media offers your loved one the chance to keep in touch with faraway loved ones quickly and easily. They can hop online to see the latest photos and updates from all the people they care about, so they'll never have to miss a thing.

2. Save money on long distance calls.

Most cell phone plans allow you the ability to call anywhere within the country. However, international calls will still accrue additional charges. That's where the internet comes in. With the advent of online calling services, international video calls are now free. Your loved one can contact friends and family who live in different countries. With the purchase of a webcam they can even speak face-to-face. 

3. Access the news instantly.

If your loved one likes to keep up with current events they probably get their news from the television and newspapers. However, due to the limitations of these forms of media, there's a delay. The internet allows journalists to report on news as it happens. Your loved one can be better informed when they turn to online news outlets for their daily dose of reporting.

Even if your loved one doesn't plan to use the internet all the time they can still benefit from it. If they're only online for a couple hours each month, they should consider purchasing an on demand internet plan. These plans allow you to pay only for the time you use, as opposed to more costly plans that offer unlimited access. Contact your local internet service provider today and find out what their on demand rates are.